KOBOTECH Matrix Mobile Phone Storage Cabinet



        The Matrix Storage Cabinet can store cellphone, remote control/keys, medicine and other personal belongings at public or organisation, i.e. shopping mall, military, police, school, residential complex, etc. Cellphone signal 100% is shielded.

        The cabinet consists of 32 storage units, LCD screen, finger print sensor, keypad and prompt speaker. User can store and withdraw by his/her registered password or finger print. System opens and closes the boxes through electric-magnetic locks.



1. Operation Mode:

        - Rental/Subscribe mode:

                System Administrator can register user’s password or finger print and allocate each identical box to the user for store/withdraw.

        - Public mode:

                Once user register his/her finger print, system will allocate any available box to him/her. After user withdraws, the system will erase the user automatically.


2. Administration function: Administrator can manage:

        - Emergency open the storage boxes

        - Clear each all storage items of all boxes

        - Lock/unlock the boxes

        - Register user password/ finger print

        - Change System Login password

        - Set storage expiration time

        - Set System Date and Time

        - Access storage history

        - Resume factory setting


3. Emergency:

        When power failure, the cabinet rear panel can be opened through a key. Each box can be released manually. The finger print and password will be kept in the system safely.


4. Storage cabinet Size;

        Dimension: L x W x H: 718x265x390mm

        Storage box: L x W x H: 122x170x30mm

        Total boxes: Standard 32 storage units and expandable

        Weight: Net 25kg, Gross: 28kg


Mobile Phone Storage Cabinet

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